Quote of the week (10): Spider's Trap (Elemental Assassin #13) by Jennifer Estep

This week s quote is from a book that is coming out on July 28th and is a part of one of my favorite series, Elemental Assassin.I decided on this quote because it is in the middle of a really emotional scene but anything else would be spoilery so I decided on this. Enjoy and pre-order the book!

"Anything that had the slightest bit of metal in it rattled, rolled, and tumbled to the floor. But it was nothing compared with my magic. My power erupted as I screamed, surging through every piece of stone that made up the mansion. The floor bucked and heaved, the walls shook, and deep cracks zipped through the ceiling."

Have you started this series? Who is your favorite character?
Do you have a quote of the week?
Leave me a comment.


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