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Heart to Heart Mondays (6): My favorite TV shows + summer watchlist

Hi all! Today I am goi9ng to talk about my favorite TV shows and what shows I am watching this summer. First thing you need to know is that I am addicted to a lot of tv shows and the list is growing longer each day with so many good series discoveries. I do, however, have a favorite tree, my holy trinity. Vampire Diaries used to be a part of it but the show is just not that awesome anymore.., It is good, just not great, at least to me. This is my holy trinity, the shows I love the most and I rewatched a lot of times:

These shows (Supernatural, The Originals and True Blood) are perfection to me. I have been with The Originals (Klaus *sigh*) and True Blood from the beginning ( I will never stop mourning for this show) but Supernatural I discovered when it went into 5th season. I was hooked from the first episode, the same as with the others. I really hope those two stay on air for a long time.
There are so many storylines and characters to fall in love with and just to swoon over.
Now, for the other shows I am obsessed with. There are so many I divided them into categories: supernatural, funny, crime, dramaand horror . There will be crossovers, but I tried to put them where I see them.






This summer I am watching new seasons of Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, The Last Ship, Awkward, and plan on checking out Aquarius, Mr. Robot, The Whispers, Stichers and Zoo.
  Also, I plan on finally starting The 100, The Strain and Constantine and  I am really looking forward to it.

What are your favorite TV shows?
What new (or old) shows do you plan ot Watch?
Leave me a comment and have a great week!

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  1. We have a lot of shows in common! I was so upset when I heard they cancelled Stalker! ):

    Welcome back Lea!!

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, Stalker was awesome, I was really irritated when they cancelled it, and on a cliffhanger, no less.

  2. I love American Horror Story but I haven't seen Coven yet...working my way through Asylum right now. Love Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Modern Family, OITNB, and I've been really into Frasier lately lol

  3. So many great shows on here! I love Supernatural (I'm on season 5), The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Parks & Rec, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Doctor Who, Orange is the New Black, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and Grey's Anatomy. There's still so many more than I want to check out though!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  4. Coven was my favorite season of American Horror Story (although I haven't seen Freak Show yet, so I can't really say for sure). I felt a little sad when there was no more AHS to watch... like something was missing in my life LOL. The shows I need to catch up on this summer are: OITNB, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Parenthood, and I can't wait for the new seasons of OUAT and AHS to come to Netflix... oh and Baby Daddy!