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Fall From Love by Heather London
Publication date: June 7th 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Struggling to put her life back together after a tragic mountaineering accident kills her college sweetheart, twenty-one-year-old Holly Treadwell is trying to set aside her grief, forge ahead in school, and find herself again.

When Carter Hansen, a guy who brings back horrible memories from the night of the accident, finds his way back into her life, Holly’s unsure  if she should let him in. He terrifies her in more ways than one and invokes feelings in her that she thought were buried forever. Regardless of her fears, she knows she must face him in order for her heart to heal.

Everyone tells Carter that what happened on the mountain that night was just a terrible accident, but even then, he can’t help but carry around the guilt and is unable to forgive himself. He’s drawn to Holly and being near her helps ease his conscience and gives him the release he needs.

As Holly and Carter’s relationship grows, they begin to realize that the more time they spend with one another, the more their wounds begin to heal—her grief and his guilt. But when Holly learns the details about the night of the accident—what everyone has been keeping from her—it will rip open old wounds and tear apart what they’ve both worked so hard to overcome…



My review:

Fall from love is a book about how a young woman tries to overcome her grief in losing her boyfriend in an accident and accepting new love in her life. The read is very emotional, you cant help but feel for Holly and most of all, you cant help but understand her. She is numb from grief, yet little by little, she opens up to her best friend again, tries to have fun and she learns to avoid the future. Carter is a  really sweet guy, overwhelmed by guilt over the death of Hollys boyfriend but he refuses to see he didnt do anything wrong. Since Carter was the one to tell Holly of Adams death, she avoids him but soon enough they start a tentative friendship wich in the end blooms into love. This was an interesting story to read, a story which tells us how to let go and accept life.

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Heather London is a young adult and new adult author who loves to write stories full of romance, fantasy, and science fiction. She is a lover of only the finest of coffee and premium craft beer, but will settle for anything chocolate, regardless of its quality. Heather lives with her husband in Dallas, TX where she is currently working hard on her next project.



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