Quote of the week (8)

I am a big fan of Molly Harper, and until recently I have read every book she wrote except the Naked Werewolf series but now that I finally read the series, I love her even more. She always manages to make me laugh and brighten my day so this week s quote is from the first book in the series, How to flirt with a naked Werewolf. Enjoy!

“Instead of celebrating with a cake (too full of poisonous refined sugars) and presents (too materialistic), my mother would come into my room at exactly 3:57 A.M. to tell me the story of my miraculous emergence into this world, as if it was some fairy tale. Although I supposed few fairy tales involved the words 'vaginal flowering'.”

Have you started this series? Who is your favorite character?
Do you have a quote of the week?
Leave me a comment.


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