Heart to Heart Mondays (3): How I spent my summer

First, I have to say that summer is my least favorite season. I hate the heat, and since I live near Rijeka, which is right by the Adriatic sea, summers are usually unbearable. But not this year. I managed to get to the beach three times, and while it was warm, rain has been falling 90 percent of the time. 

(this is on the beach at Lovran)

That meant I had plenty of time for reading and this summer I read some fantastic books and those I never want to hear of again. Eiher I was just chillin on my balcony with a nice can of Sommersby and a book or snuggled in my bed with a cup of ice coffee and my tablet.

I just read or watched the tv shows I was behind on and nothing could touch me. I was totally ignorant of what was going around me most of the time..

Like that ....

I got some wonderful books, found some amazing book blogs and dedicated more time to my own blogging. Spent some time with my friends, had a great time and helped my mom more at work. I would say I was productive.

These are some ot the books I loved that I read this summer:

Other reviews are coming soon..

And here are the books that I didnt like so much...

And that is it. I know I havent really said much but since most I did was read, there arent really that much stuff that happened since I was  cooped up most of the time.
I plan on reading a few more books this summer, most that I am really excited about and you can expect many more reviews in the future. 

What did you do this summer?
 What are your favorite and not so favorite reads of summer?
Any recommendations?
Leave me a comment and have a great week!


  1. Those kind of summers can be kind of fun! Mine was not like that -- not as much reading as I'd like...
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics


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