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Stone of Thieves (Robbin' Hearts Series #2)
Release Date: 05/08/14
238 pages

Summary :

The Stone of Thieves . . . for centuries its magnetic draw has twisted the hearts of ambitious men and women with the promise of power, passion, and intrigue until it fell into the hands of unlikely thieves Robin and her boyfriend Creek. But can they steal their destiny away from the curse that pursues this magnificent ruby heart? 

As the stone begins to spread its sorcery, Robin races to find her long-lost mother in Italy in the hopes of discovering the truth about her unique gypsy heritage and the ruby heart that is rumored to steal souls. Yet when the desire for this stone by powerful members of her family threatens their very lives, Creek decides to take matters into his own hands to protect Robin, his greatest treasure of all . . .
Stone of Thieves is a sensual, stand-alone new adult novel and the sequel to Robin in the Hood in the Robbin’ Hearts Series. Due to mature themes, readership is advised for ages 17+.

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My Review:

This series is the biggest surprise of the year for me. Sure, when I signed up for the blog tour I expected it to be entertaining, but this was amazing, a true adventure full of humor, emotions, action and secrets.

In the first book Robin, or Rubina since that is her real name, found out her entire life was a lie. When her father ended up in the hospital, she found out that they are in massive debt so she breaks him out and goes to the one place she knows of where they could be safe and there will be no questions asked. In Turtle Shores she finds herself, she falls in love and bonds with people who become her extended family. She begins a criminal career with Creek to care for all those people. She also finds out her mother is alive along with a heart-shaped ruby wich she thinks is just a stone, expensive but ordinary. She and Creek, the boy she loves, decide at the end of the first book to go to Venice and find Robin s mother so she can finally have closure.

Stone of Thieves finds them on a plane to Italy where Robin begins to understand that the ruby is not an ordinary stone, it has some sort of powers. From there the story turns into a big adventure for her and Creek, wandering the streets of Venice, hiding from someone trying to kill them all while searching for Robin s mother.

It is unusual for me to like this type of stories so that was why I was so surprised I loved this one. Robin is hilarious, she does whatever it takes to help others, she loves Creek with all her heart and she is hilarious. Creek is this misterious guy with a dark past, yet a caring heart and a smart head on his shoulders. Him and Robin are a great couple, they both mellow each other and there is strong chemistry between them. Some of my favorite moments between them are when they are just lying down and looking at the stars.

The writing is beautiful, simple yet captivating and the world bulding is well done. I love the gipsy world and I hope it gets more explored in the next book. This book is full of amazing and interesting characters, it is a real adventure story for all generations and I srongly recommend it.

Book One:
Robin in the Hood (Robbin' Hearts Series #1)
Release Date: 10/01/12
300 pages

Summary :

“Is it any wonder I became a bank robber?” 
But she never dreamed she’d fall in love…

Wealthy high school student Robin McArthur thinks she has it all figured out when it comes to bilking her wealthy dad for guilt money as a substitute for his genuine affection. Until one day he suffers a stroke, and she learns the brutal truth:
They’re broke.
Her stepmom has skipped the country.
And everyone from bankers to bookies has lined up in her dad's hospital room to collect on the millions he's racked up in debt.
Panicked and desperate, Robin figures she has two choices. Either surrender to the pestering caseworker and live in a skanky foster home, or take a chance and sneak her dad out of the hospital to make a run for it. Little does she know that stealing a car and hitting the road means that before the day is through, she will rob her first bank.

Now an outlaw, Robin finds a backwoods trailer park to hide her dad from authorities. There, she encounters Creek, a local bad boy who also commits crimes to provide for their motley neighbors. Realizing she could use Creek’s help, Robin proposes an ingenious plan—they should team up to rob banks together. But when their partnership leads to a romance that turns Robin’s world upside down, she soon begins to discover that people are more precious than pocketbooks, and real love means opening your heart to the kinds of treasures money can’t buy…

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About the Author
Diane J. Reed has a Ph.D. in English and a lifelong passion for books—both popular, forgotten & literary—as long as they touch her soul & make her want to tuck them under her pillow at night to remember them in her dreams. She writes novels that are infused with enchantment, where characters dare to break through boundaries and believe in true love. She also has a soft spot for artisans & outlaws of the heart, those who burn brightly to live each day as a gift—because it is! She loves to hear from readers, so feel free to visit Diane J. Reed's website at or message her here to share the whispers of your spirit.

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  1. Biggest surprise of the year, eh? Now you're talking! I have yet to encounter and author who's managed to do the gipsy culture justice, and Reed's writing sounds like a real winner. Thanks for adding yet another title to my wishlist. ;)


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