Sweet evil read along week 3: Truth or dare

This week we are reading from chapters 17 to 25 and I must say these are some of my favorites. But then, almost all of them arte my favs so... Since somewhere in this chapters is a very interesting game of truth or dare that lands Kai on his back ( think what you will *wink*) the topic of this weeek post will be the same. I am really a chicken,so no dares for me but I will reveal a few simple truths about me.

1. I usually read at least ten hours a day
2. I dont believe in god
3. I smoke at least a pack of cigarettes a day, for the last 7 years
4. I loved Twilight and I still love it. I am a sucker for love stories.
5. I managed to read first 3 books in the Harry Potter series but not the rest. I find them boring so I gave up.

That is it for this week. I know it is not much but I am a pretty boring person :)  What would you choose? Truth or dare?


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Two Chicks on Books
Tater’s Tall Tails
Ravenous Reader


  1. Oh! *tears* I'm so sad that you found HP boring! I'm a HP super-fan!

  2. I love Twilight too. I don't think I can read it anymore but since I read it soo many times but I wouldn't go back on my love. lol I devoured Harry Potter as well.


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