Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Were Spoiled For

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This weeks topic is books you were spoiled for. There are not that many books that were spoiled to me because I learned my lesson on these five so I am more careful with reading book reviews.

The ending to this book for was spoiled to me by Goodreds, it is my fault really, I went ahead and read some reviews that did not have a warning about spoilers anywhere and ruined this wonderful trilogy for me. I still havent read this book, but hopefully I will with time.

Well, obviously the show spoiled me for the books, but I am currently buying all of them in Croatian so I will give them a shot.

I read this a few months after it released and a friend excitedly told me what happens but it did not ruin this book for me because I honestly think I would have expected it nonetheless.

Again, I read it 3 months after its release so there was not tha much hype surrounding it as there is now, but still, some people just dont know how to shut up so I knew what will happen.

I blame this on the internet in general. I still havent read it, dont know if I ever will considering, well, everything that was spoiled to me. The day this book came out and the internet exploded I was so pissed of with how people just carelessly spoiled the shit out of this book.

What are some of the books you were spoiled for?
Leave me a comment.


  1. Allegiant is on everyone's list! Sometimes the internet doesn't know when to keep quiet.

    Top 5 Books I was Spoiled For


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