Spooky September challenge: Why do you love to be scared?

It is the 6th and final day of Spooky September Challenge hosted by Parajunkee and today we talk about why we love to be scared.

I wouldnt say I love to be scared. I actually hate it. I am generally afraid of the dark and clowns. Whenever I walk alone at night to or from my bus stop I basically run (and you would think that is funny if you met me, because I am the least athletic person you will meet in your life) and I have a little flashlight on my keyring. But what I love about horror movies, books or tv shows is that I get a shot of adrenaline but all in the safety of my home. And I dont know, those kind of stories were always the most interesting to me and fascinating, I am rarely bored with horror. 

(you really are)

I love the suspense, I love the mistery, sometimes even the gore if it is done well but in most scaries tales what I love most is the story. Being on the edge of my seat, holding on for dear life, and enjoying the ride (without the true fear something will get me) that is what I love.

Why do YOU love to be scared? Leave me a comment.
Enjoy the new week...


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