Spooky September Challenge: Tribute to my favorite spooky creature

Today is the fourth day of the Spooky September Challenge hosted by Parajunkee and the theme is our favorite spooky creature. Yesterday I didnt post because the theme was a favorite campfire spooky story and in Croatia we dont have that tradition. Mostly, on camping, we just get drunk XD.
    I think people who read this blog know that my favorite spooky creatures are definitely vampires. I have been obsessed for twenty years and I love them when they are sexy, ruthless, beautiful, psychotic or tormented. 


My obsession began with Lestat in Interview with the vampire and cemented with the same character in Queen of the Damned. Both were ruthless, yet very different which shows the evolution through the centuries. I loved them both, Tom Cruises Lestat is his only role I can stand him in and he starred in my childhood nightmares. Stuart Townsends Lestat, however, is the vampire I have the biggest crush on, even twelve years later.

Still on Annre Rices characters, Akasha is the one that I was terrified of. She was seductive yet she killed almost anyone in her path, with no regard for life, human or vampire.

Claudia just really freaked me out.

Let the right one in was a really disturbing movie yet compelling. I recomment it to all vampire fans.

The great Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse series and True Blood has it all. He is intelligent, ruthless, sexy and funny. I loved him from the start and he could be really scary when he wanted to yet charming when he nedded to be.

 The big baddie of Vampires by John Carpenter was truly terrifying.

 And the vampires in Penny Dreadful are also scary and very well done. That whole series is just fascinating.

I think Russell Edginton from True Blood still gives some people nightmares, I just loved him. While he was a murderous bastard he was super funny.

Just look at him... Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals is currently my favorite vampire. You just cant look away from that smile. And that accent *fans herself* 

So that is it for today! What is your favorite spooky creature? 
Leave me a comment and visit tomorrow for a new post in the Spooky September Challenge!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Eric, how I love you! I haven't seen the Penny Dreadful show because it would be too scary for me!


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