Shade trilogy by Jeri Smith-Ready




Young adult paranormal trilogy about Aura Salvatore, the first of a worldwide generation of ghost-seers, whose own boyfriend dies and becomes a ghost.
My review

I have to say that this series blew me away. Completely. I was swooning and crying and laughing and spent a lot of time being a nervous wreck while reading this trilogy. It has a unique view of the ghosts and I liked the pre-shift, post-shift idea. I also liked how the sites in Ireland are important for the story and I always found Ireland a magical land so it made me like this series more. I loved the main characters : Aura, Zachary and Logand and the supporting ones as well. Especially Megan and Dylan. The storyline through all tree books is very interesting and fascinating. I liked the world Smith-Ready created and how the mistery wasnt unveiled until the end and I must say I was surprised with some revelations.. It kept me turning page after page and I read the complete series in 2 and half days.

Also, this series has a very compeling love story (stories). I am team Zachary all the way but I couldnt helput love Logan too, he seemed more real somehow ( even though he ends up being a ghost). But Zachary Moore sigh. I swoon just as I think about that Scothish accent and imagine his green eyes. The love story between Aura and Zachary was the best part of the story because the writer had described it so realisticly. There was no love at first sight, it took developing and a lot of patience and pain but with a lot of chemitry that sizzled wherever those two were near each other it was bound to happen. I liked the writing of Jeri Smith-Ready and I will look into her adult series. It seems that music is a huge part of all her books and I like that very much.

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