Heart to Heart Mondays (12): Books I would love to read but they intimidate me

Hello! Happy Monday! 
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I was away on vacation for two weeks and I am a big procrastinator so I did not have any scheduled posts for that time. So sorry about that. But now I am slightly recharged, a little bit rested and can devote my time to blogging again. This weeks topic is Books that intimidate me. There are a lot of books I would like to read, some I own, but I am scared to pick them up because of how many pages they are or I am afraid of having my hopes for the book dashed or the books were so hyped up or some other reason I cant think of right now.
   I have on my TBR these big fantasy series, like Discworld and Wheel of time, where a TV show is coming soon so I would like to be able to get through them at some point before that. Or Dune, before the movie.
   Or, in the case of IT, I am really scared of clowns but I would really like to read the book.

Here are some books that intimidate me:

What do you think about the books that intimidate me?
Which books intimidate you? Do we have any in common?
Leave me a comment.


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