utorak, 8. travnja 2014.

This side of salvation superfan contest DAY #7


Each weekday between March 31 and April 10, Jeri Smith-Ready is posting a new This Side of Salvation “trading card” on her blog and on her various social networks. The cards feature quotes by the different characters, as well as iconic images associated with them. By sharing this image on your blog and/or social networks, you could win some great prizes!

Today's card features Sophia Visser, leader of the Rush cult. A widow with a sordid past, Sophia dreams of eternal peace and salvation. But what will she sacrifice to achieve that dream, and at what cost to her devoted followers and their families? Well, at least she makes great cookies.

For Superfan contest details, including rules, prize list, and entry form, see this post. If you already know what to do, here's a direct link to the entry form, which contains helpful instructions on how to link to your posts. To see a gallery of trading cards (and other interesting stuff from the book), visit the TSoS Pinterest page.

Play every day for maximum points toward the grand prize, plus chances to win the daily drawings. It's super easy and super fun!
Also visit this entry of my blog and comment to win a signed set of Jeri Smith-Ready bookmarks including a This side of salvation bookmark.

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