Changes are coming...

I decided on changing some things around here, hopefully it will turn out good. Some new post ideas, more reviews and author interviews or guest posts. I did some brainstorming, came up wit a few names, did some editing in Photoscape and will start emailing some people these days. I have been busy these past months, I did just enough posts, very few reviews but like I said, that will change. There will be at least one review a week, less book blitzes, only for the books I am really excited about, fewer blog tours, also with only books I am very interested in. Discussion type posts with different and interesting topics every week. So, here are some of the new things that will be happening on this blog:

Swooning for covers - 2 Fridays a month I will share with you new and favorite book covers. Here                                  is the banner I made. What do you think? Do you like it?

Quote of the week - this one is self-explanatory, two Fridays a month, different ones from                                           Swooning for covers, I will share with you my favorite quote of that week                                    from a book I was reading

Author limelight -  each month I will feature an author, a favorite of mine. I hope there will be                                    interviews, guest posts, and I will have a few posts through the month with                                    things like favorite quotes, reviews, book playlists...

Discussion posts - I have a few names for this but I havent decided yet so I will leave it to you. There will be a poll at the end of the post. And if you have your own idea what should the name be, feel free to tell me in a comment. Each Monday I will write a post on a different topic. Now, I have only few of those, I dont want to be repetitive so tell me in the comments what would you like me to write about on the blog, what book related topics interest you the most, I would really appreciate it.

What name for discussion post do you like best? free polls 

Hopefully, I will do more book playlists, I usually put them together after reading for the books that left the most impact on me so I will share a few from now on. That would be it. Tell me what you think of all this, do you think anything else should change or should I add something else? Dont be shy, I love reading comments. Thank you !




  1. Oh I'm so excited about the changes!! I really love the banner for Swooning for covers and I cannot wait to see what you have in mind. Also discussion posts are my favorite!! Good luck, Lea :)

  2. I love your new ideas! Awesome!! :D
    I wish you lots of luck xoxo

  3. These are awesome ideas, go for it! That's actually one thing that I had to stop is doing too many book blitzes and blog tours. It's still hard not to sign up for every single one but I have to keep my posts original. I'm so excited to see your book playlists!!! I love listening to music when I read and this would help lol

  4. Thanks, I really overdone myself with blitzes, RDLs and blog tours so I hope these things fresh things up a bit :)


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