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Nightwish book tag (Get up offa that slump: Do a book tag)

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza is a blogging challenge hosted by Rachel from Beauty and the Bookshelf. Today s challenge is a book tag and I have never done one before so it should be fun. I decided on Nightwish Book Tag created by Unicorn Hunter Books because Nightwish is one of my favorite bands and combining it with books is just amazing. 

Here goes:

1. Elvenpath - favorite high fantasy book

I dont usually read a lot of high fantasy books, that is something I plan on remeding in the near future but I adored Throne of Glass.

2. Bless the Child - a book that features a loss of innocence

I could only think of Sweet evil off the top of my head, Anna s whole world and idea s of good and evil are crushed when she learns the truth of her lineage.

3. Slaying the Dreamer - A book where a character you love dies

This book broke my heart, I will never stop mourning Kisten.

4. Oceansoul - A character who yearns for something more

Lena years for a right to love without repercussions a for the world to be a different place than it is.

5. The Poet and the Pendulum - A book that features suicide

This book had an impact one me, even four years after reading it. The writing is just beautiful.

6. Sahara - A book that takes place in the desert

Blood Red Road is the only book that came to mind and it is one of the best dystopias I have read.

7. Last of the Wilds - A book that takes place in the wilderness

Again, the only thing that I could think of, two people are in a plane crash that leaves them on a deserted island for years.

8. Our Decades in the Sun - Your favorite bookish parents

Lara Jean s father  is so awesome, I just love the family dynamics in this book.

9. Wanderlust - A book with people who travel all the time

One of my 2015 favorites, this features one road trip to remember.

10. Storytime - A nostalgic book

This trilogy is perfection, I always go back to it.

11. Fantasmic - Favorite fairytale retelling

Everything about this book made me fall in love with it....and also break my heart. The writing and the storytelling are pure beauty.

12. Edema Ruh - A book title that would make a good song

Every title in this series would make a great rock song but this one is my favorite

So, thats it. Tell me what you think or recommend some other good book tags, I might do more of them, this was fun. Leave me a comment on what you think or leave me a link to your post.
Have a great week.

P.S. I tag Tanja and Glass from Ja čitam, a ti? and Maja from The Nocturnal Library.

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  1. Two books tags I had fun with were: The Bedtime Book Tag and The Unpopular Opinion Tag. I have never heard of this band. I will have to check them out!