petak, 7. studenoga 2014.

Quote of the week (6)

I havent read many books this week but I did read the long anticipated 7th book in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh Archangel's Shadows. I love this series and it was fun to finally get Ash s and Janvier s story and to see more of Naasir and glimpses of the other amazing characters of the series, especially my favorite Bluebell. Come back tomorrow for a review of this great book and I leave you with a fun quote:

“Venom has taken Naasir's place temporarily." This time, the amusement that shaped Raphael's lips was acute. "My mother called to ask what else I have in my menagerie."
Elena snorted, in no doubt of Caliane's acerbic tone. "Can you blame her? First you send her a tiger creature who eats people he doesn’t like, and then a vampire with the eyes and fangs of a viper.” She held up a finger. “Oh, and let’s not forget the mortal you keep as a pet.”
“My mother does not consider you my pet, Elena. She is very kind to pets.”
“Oh, ouch!”

Have you started this series? Who is your favorite character?
Do you have a quote of the week?
Leave me a comment.

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